with one of the participating
by the end of each month
your NFT on FiDi.Tech
the game of the month
cash prizes



What you can win:

Based on your leaderboard scores:


31st January - 1PM UTC:
Ensure you are staked (must be in top 300, not in revoke) with one of the collators by this date and get ready for DPS in February!
All of February
Go to CLAIM your February LGF NFT and play the new DPS game with the address that has the POAP. Get far in the game and post your scores to the leaderboard. DPS prizes awarded based on the leaderboard rankings.
End of February
If you are still STAKED with a collator, you CLAIMED the monthly NFT, and you PLAYED DPS in February, then you are eligible for the monthly prize pool

February: DPS

The Damned Pirate Society is a multi-chain blockchain game, mixing on-chain voyages with a 2d pixelverse. Go on voyages, find treasure and grow your fleets with the profits of your plunder.


Stay tuned, more surprises are coming....


The first racing manager and prediction game, high fidelity NFT art, fantasy league sports and gaming into one ecosystem in a low touch way.


A 2D Play and Earn platformer where players must collect as many fruit as possible in a given time in a level full of enemies and traps!


Evrloot is a dark fantasy role-playing game with equippable RMRK NFTs, gorgeous artwork, and a rich lore.


MoonFit is a Web3 & NFT lifestyle app that promotes active living by rewarding users anytime they burn calories through physical activities.


Immerse yourself in the world of crypto-gaming with this thrilling play-to-earn web 3 game featuring cryptocurrency NFT collector cards.


The Lunar Gaming Festival is brought to you by the following set of community collators:

Lunar Gaming Festival Prize Pool

Starting in October:

If you remain STAKED with a participating collator
If you CLAIMED the monthly NFT
If you PLAYED the game for the month
You can win:

  • 100 USDC to 3 random addresses every month

In addition:

  • You get 1 "ticket" for every month you are eligible to the end of festival giveaway
  • Over 2000 USDC will be given away to a random ticket at the end of the festival


How do I participate in the Lunar Gaming Festival on Moonbeam?
The general rule is that if you have a reward-generating stake (Top 300, not in Revoke) with a participating collator at the snapshot, you claim the monthly NFT, and you play the game with the staked address, you are eligible for the monthly giveaway. Check out the above pages for any special event rules.
Who's a participating collator?
Participating collators will always be listed on this site, and you will need to stake with at least one of them on either Moonbeam or Moonriver to join the Lunar Gaming Festival.


Do I have to pay to play? How much could my winnings be?
No purchase is required to enter or win. Only participants who delegate to the specified collators are eligible. Prizes hold no cash value, but offer in-game advantages.
I delegate to these collators, but on Moonriver. Can I join the festival?
Yes, but please note: only one entry is allowed per address whether it is staked on Moonriver or Moonbeam. Rewards are only claimable on Moonbeam (so for instance, to mint the monthly NFT, you may require a small amount of GLMR). Any exceptions to this will be noted in the rules above.


I run a project in the ecosystem, can I participate?
Join the Telegram Group and reach out to a participating collator to discuss how you can join the festival
I have more questions, what should i do?
The festival meetup tent is in the Telegram Group , where you can ask questions to the festival team, and meet other festival gamers.


The Lunar gaming festival is a community initiative brought to you by independent Collators and Games in the Moonriver/Moonbeam ecosystem; and is built on and powered by the MOONBEAM NETWORK.

Festival Partners:

FIDI Delegator Registration and Reward Analytics
AIRLYFT Festival NFT Claiming and Quests

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